Best of the best? Meet the world’s top 250 hospitals for cardiology

Newsweek has unveiled a new list of the top 250 hospitals in a number of specialties, including cardiology. Separate rankings were provided for multiple other specialties, including oncology and cardiac surgery.   

Cardiology’s top 250, as one might expect, featured several familiar names. For example, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, home of the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center, came in at No. 1. Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic – Rochester, Mount Sinai Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital rounded out the top five.

The United States was home to eight of the top 10 choices—and 15 of the top 25.  

“If you or a loved one needs specialized care in one of those areas, you'll want to know which hospitals or state of the art facilities have the most accomplished physicians and diagnosticians and offer the highest level of care,” Nancy Cooper, Newsweek’s global editor in chief, said in a letter to readers. “We hope that you will find our ranking helpful.”

Statista, a global research firm, helped Newsweek compile its rankings. Data came from primary and secondary recommendations provided by specialists all over the world. Recommendations were gathered from June to August 2021.

“The questionnaire did not suggest a list of hospitals and respondents were free to suggest any hospital they deemed recommendable,” according to Newsweek. “Statista performed plausibility checks on all data to prevent self-nomination.”

Read the full list here.  


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