What to expect at the TCT MedTech Innovation Forum during TCT 2022

With Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) 2022 quickly approaching, the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) has shared new details about the TCT MedTech Innovation Forum, an interactive summit scheduled for the first day of the conference.

The TCT MedTech Innovation Forum represents a collaboration between CRF and Fogarty Innovation, a nonprofit organization focused on advances in healthcare technologies and patient care. The all-day event was designed to bring together stakeholders from today’s healthcare industry—including clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers—in one place to discuss the many challenges they face on a daily basis and explore potential solutions to those problems.

According to CRF and Fogarty Innovation, main session topics will include:

  • Shaping Innovation Priorities: Global Demographic and Population Health Trends
  • Emerging Models of Healthcare Delivery
  • Predicting the Future of MedTech: Transformative Concepts and Technological Trends
  • Macro and Micro Financing Trends
  • How Robotics Are Redefining Health Care
  • Pain Points in Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities

A full schedule is available here. Multiple roundtable discussions and networking breaks are spread out over the course of the day. Abbott and Boston Scientific are listed as sponsors of the event.

“The program has been carefully designed to focus on the key issues facing medtech innovation and the field of interventional cardiology, as well as the trends driving the field forward,” Juan F. Granada, MD, president and CEO of CRF, said in a statement. “We aim to develop unique solutions and identify priorities for innovation with the ultimate goal of transforming patient care.”

“The TCT MedTech Innovation Forum will convene stakeholders from across the ecosystem to address core issues and share perspectives,” added Andrew Cleeland, CEO of Fogarty Innovation. “Our goals are to uncover insights that help innovators better understand and address market needs and build meaningful collaborations that help important new technologies reach patients as soon as possible.”

TCT 2022 is scheduled for Sept. 16-19 in Boston. A full breakdown of the conference’s late-breaking clinical presentations is available here.   

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