the words "FDA recall" on a board

The FDA considers this a Class I recall, which means using the impacted devices “may cause serious injuries or death.” One patient injury has been reported at this time. 

Mediterranean diet

Following the popular Mediterranean diet instead of a “Western” diet can be quite beneficial for women in their forties and fifties, researchers confirmed. 


The Independent Data Monitoring Committee recommended Bayer stop the trial due to the drug's poor performance compared to apixaban. 


"Although the effectiveness of ADHD medications has been demonstrated ... concerns remain regarding their potential cardiovascular safety," one research explained. 

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Endovascular procedure volumes surged 427% among cardiologists between 2010-2018, compared to a 125% uptick among radiologists. 

SentiAR's CommandEP interface facilitates 3D models of the heart, made possible through augmented reality.