Caption Health, Heartbeat Health partner to deliver AI-powered echocardiograms

Caption Health, a California-based healthcare technology company known for its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) models, and Heartbeat Health, a New York-based telecardiology provider, have announced a new partnership designed to improve patient access to AI-powered echocardiograms.

The new collaboration combines Caption Health’s AI platform with Heartbeat Health’s convenient telehealth capabilities. Clinicians who work with participating healthcare providers will be able perform echocardiograms from a variety of locations, including a patient’s home, using the Caption Health platform. Heartbeat Health’s virtual cardiologists then receive, read and interpret the examinations.

“This partnership addresses a significant gap in today's management and care of structural heart disease—particularly in the early identification and management of heart failure,” cardiologist Jeff Wessler, MD, Heartbeat Health's co-founder and CEO, said in a prepared statement. “There are high rates of undiagnosed heart failure, and too often these patients stay under the radar until showing up to the emergency room already quite sick. But finding and managing these patients early in their course can make a world of difference in terms of outcomes.”

Steve Cashman, Caption Health’s CEO, described this partnership as “an ideal coupling of patient-centric services.”

“Whether it's heart wellness for patients with risk factors, ambulatory care for patients with non-urgent symptoms or convenient follow-up echos to help patients avoid costly and complex readmissions, we believe our joint offering will have a profound impact on the quality and cost of cardiac care for millions of patients,” Cashman said.

This is not the first time Caption health and Heartbeat Health have worked together. The two companies previously tested their partnership with a trial run of nearly 1,000 echocardiograms for high-risk Medicare Advantage patients. The groups reported that their efforts helped identify significant findings in more than 60% of patients who underwent an on-the-go echocardiogram.

Heartbeat Health also has a history of working with the American College of Cardiology (ACC). More details on that relationship are available on the ACC’s website.

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